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Professional video for every level of swimmer

SwimClips is revolutionizing the use of video in swimming.

Whether you’re a parent, a coach, or running a swim meet, SwimClips brings Olympic-grade video to every swim, helping swimmers see and track every part of their performance.

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Take your training to the next level with SwimClips Coach – the best, most affordable video system for swim training!

Key Features

Automatically assembled, available to view, purchase, download and share within 24 hours

Lane highlighting to draw focus to swimmer

Animated lane overlays with swimmers’ names, club logos

Lower-thirds graphics with name, event, seed time, running clock, etc.

One click to download video, share to social media

Automatic switching of camera angles - including underwater!

By Swimmers, For Swimmers

SwimClips® was created by a former NCAA D1 competitive swimmer, swim parent, and USA Swimming Official. We bring the latest technologies to the sport of swimming to enable swimmers to easily record and keep high quality videos documenting their swims at swim meets.

SwimClips® is working with some of the most renowned names in swimming, from Olympic legend Jason Lezak to the “Voice of Swimming” himself, Rowdy Gaines.

Jason Lezak

Rowdy Gaines

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