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Announcing Rowdy Gaines as Chief Product Advisor for SwimClips!

Rowdy Gaines is a 3 time Olympic Gold Medalist and a member of the US Olympic and International Swimming Halls of Fame. He is best known as the “Voice of Swimming” – as a key part of the NBC Sports team he has been the main color commentator for swimming for every single Olympics since […]

Announcing Jason Lezak as Advisor to SwimClips!

Jason Lezak - Advisor to SwimClips

Jason Lezak has come on board as a special advisor to SwimClips! Jason first encountered SwimClips at the Far Western Championships in April, 2022 where SwimClips captured a dozen videos of his son swimming. Jason was so impressed with the system and the opportunity, he decided to come on board to help SwimClips grow! Watch […]

Live Streaming vs. SwimClips

I get asked this question all the time – does SwimClips offer a streaming option? While we have considered developing a streaming option and have it on our long-term roadmap, we have not prioritized streaming for several reasons. Before I get into the reasons, let’s discuss what Live Streaming is and how it’s different from […]


SwimClips technology is protected by two US Patents! Camera Transition Point Editor: (US20200395048A1) Allows end users to select when SwimClips transitions to different cameras during a race Especially important for meets without touchpads Time synchronized cameras for multi-camera event videos: (US20200396392A1) Very broad patent covering any use of time-synchronized cameras recording athletic events for the […]

Lane Overlay Enhancements

I’ve been experimenting with different lane enhancement technologies in SwimClips. This video shows how the lane highlighting I currently have implemented works briefly, but then it shows some of the enhancements I’ve been experimenting with for the start cameras. I’m working on animating these at the beginning of the video to show the swimmers’ names […]

Custom Swimclips Camera!

A lot has been happening at Swimclips over the last few months, so I thought I would post an update. As most of you know, while the concept behind Swimclips and the back-end clip-cutting and editing technology is now solid and proven, the issue I have been struggling with since the beginning has been the […]