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Introducing: SwimClips Coach!

Gone are the days of dunking a GoPro into the water, shuffling SD cards around, and getting the swimmers out of the pool to watch a single camera recording on a large TV.

Gone also are the days of super expensive equipment, complicated setup – and most importantly, unaffordable solutions!

SwimClips Coach – when coupled with SwimClips Meet cameras – can not only become affordable, but can also become a PROFIT CENTER for the club!

Key Features:

  • Unlimited number of cameras
  • No internet required – can operate anywhere
  • iPad display with “Tivo Mode” – customized delay per camera, 1 camera view per iPad – can put the iPad on the pool deck to allow swimmers to see themselves with the set delay
  • Coach iPad control – select swimmer name, cameras to record, start/stop recording
  • Easy assembly of multi-camera video
  • Patented editing of camera transition points
  • Playback by camera with slow motion, frame-by-frame
  • Coach can record voiceover while watching video – with scrub controls, slow-motion & pause, drawing on screen (“telestrations”)
  • Send voiced-over videos to swimmers to watch on their own

With a simple plug and play setup, the coach can see and control all cameras from an iPad

Select swimmer to view recordings…

Assemble your multi-camera video with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Camera transition points can be adjusted easily.

Record voiceover for swimmer, with slow-motion, pausing, and even draw on the screen. Send voiced-over video to swimmer by text, email, or save in shared Google Drive…