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For Coaching

SwimClips is not just for swimmers and parents – we’ve heard from coaches at all levels that the data and analysis they get back from SwimClips is invaluable. So what can you do with SwimClips for Coaches?


Access Swimmer’s
Shared Videos

Parents can buy SwimClips videos at each meet and access them within 24 hours – meaning you can review each of your swimmer’s races in-depth, for free.


Improve Training Outcomes

Take analysis in your training sessions to the next level with the most affordable, most feature-rich video training system available in the market! See why legendary coaches like Mike Bottom are using SwimClips Coach

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Want to be part of the future of swim coaching?

We have plans to add additional features to coach accounts in the near future, including buttons to track splits, time to breakout, number of strokes per length, and more. 


We’re looking for coaches willing to work with us to help develop SwimClips into a world-class coaching tool to review swims from meets with swimmers.


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