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Coach accounts at SwimClips work differently than swimmer/parent accounts. While a USA Swimming ID number can only exist in a single user account (to protect swimmers’ privacy), the same swimmer’s ID number can also be added to their coach’s account. As a coach, when you add all of your swimmers’ IDs in your account, you can see all of the videos that have ever been recorded for your swimmers at any meet with SwimClips. If a video has already been purchased by the Parent/Swimmer, you will be able to view the video for free. And, if you make any edits to the camera transition points from your account (eg. if you want to extend the view from the underwater cameras), those edits do not impact any edits that the Parent or Swimmer may have had. If you want to watch a video that has not been purchased yet by the Parent/Swimmer, you can either purchase it yourself, or you can push a button to have SwimClips send a request on your behalf to the Parent/Swimmer to purchase the video. This request also comes with a “Coach Coupon” that gives a discount from the regular price. Once the video has been purchased, you can view and edit the video, download the video, etc.

We have plans to add additional features to coach accounts in the near future, including buttons to track splits, time to breakout, number of strokes per length, etc. We are looking for coaches willing to work with us to make SwimClips an amazing coaching tool to review swims from meets with swimmers. Please contact us at coaches@swimclips.com if you’d like to help!