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Annual Advanced Features Subscription

An annual subscription that turns on the advanced features in SwimClips Coach – integration with EO handsets, and advanced editing and voiceover features.

$399.00 / year

Add the ability to create advanced videos for your swimmers that highlight specific areas that they need to work on. This subscription turns on the following:
  • Deep integration with EO SwimBetter handsets: Import EO force graphs for a particular swim directly from the app, and with one click synchronize it with either 1 or 2 videos (including multi-camera assembled videos – see below). Create a voiced-over video of you scrubbing through the video, using on-screen drawing tools to highlight specific areas to work on, and save the videos for distribution to your swimmers
  • Assemble multi-camera videos: Capture more than a few strokes without moving your camera! You can now set up multiple cameras set up in a single swim lane, and have the swimmer swim past Camera 1, then Camera 2, etc. and assemble a multi-camera video showing views from each camera angle as the swimmer swims past. With SwimClips patented synchronization, all cameras are in perfect sync ensuring no frames are dropped between camera angles.
  • Create Voiced-over, Telestrated videos: Take your assembled video and scrub through it, slow motion/frame-by-frame, and pausing wherever you want and using on-screen drawing tools to draw attention to specific areas to work on. Save the resulting voiced-over video for distribution to your swimmers over email, Airdrop, texting, or through a shared drive.
This is an annual subscription. Monthly subscriptions are also available in-app for $49.99