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Monthly Subscription – Full-Screen Monitor + Recording – per camera

A montly subscription per camera that allows both full-screen, delayed replay mode (aka “TiVo Mode”) as well as recording for one low price per camera.

$25.00 / month

Upgrade your base SwimClips Coach Full Screen Monitor (“TiVo Mode”) subscription (1 year included with the purchase of a new camera) to include the ability to record videos from each camera, download videos and send to swimmers, as well as joining two camera views together into one Top/Bottom configuration (eg. an above water and below water camera views in one video). This is a monthly subscription. If you purchase the Assemble/Edit subscription (only available in-app in the iPad app), coaches can take recordings from multiple cameras, assemble them in an intuitive timeline format (eg. if you have three cameras along a swim lane and the swimmer swims from Camera 1 to Camera 2 to Camera 3, you can assemble the three separate views into a single video by dragging Camera 1 to the timeline, then dragging Camera 2 to the timeline and then Camera 3 to the timeline. Transition points between the camera views can be easily moved by dragging the transition points left or right) and then record a voiceover on the video, playing in slow motion, pausing the video and drawing telestrations on the screen.