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SwimClips Coach Hub – up to 6 cameras

Compact waterproof case containing all the networking equipment required for the SwimClips Coach system. No laptop required with this version – just fire it up, connect the cameras, and connect the iPads and you’re in business!


Don’t forget: You’ll need SwimClips Cameras to be able to run the Coach Hub!

The SwimClips Coach Hub is the core of the SwimClips Coach system – a small waterproof case that contains the electronics needed to connect all the cameras, display and record the camera streams, and broadcast the WiFi signal so the SwimClips Coach iPad app will work properly. All of these components are contained in a compact waterproof case with external ports for power and ethernet ports to connect to the cameras. The waterproof case makes it easy to take the system with you when traveling as well – ideal for coaches who travel for clinics!

The SwimClips Coach Hub contains:

  • a POE (Power over Ethernet) switch, with patch cables for connecting up to 8 cameras
  • a wireless router, broadcasting a super-fast WiFi6 signal so all the iPads running our free “SwimClips Coach” app (available in the Apple App Store) can work properly
  • an embedded recording server running our free “SwimClips Coach Recorder” application, so no laptop is required to operate the system.