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SwimClips Classic


SwimClips Classic is primarily for timing system operators who travel to different meets each weekend to run the timing systems (and meet management system) at swim meets.

How it works

1. Camera Setup

Meet operators set up timecode synchronized cameras all around a pool – even underwater.
  • Uses SwimClips custom battery operated cameras, with no need to lay cables around the pool connecting each camera
  • Camera sensors capture the images and sends them to a recording box that controls the camera and saves the recorded files
SwimClips Illustration

2. Recording

These cameras constantly record for the entire meet, capturing every event and heat.

  • Above water camera sensors include a pan-tilt gimbal and are mounted on top of a 20′ telescoping pole with the recording box fastened to the bottom of the pole
  • Underwater cameras have sensors attached to a telescoping aluminum pole that is placed under water and attached to a deck plate that sits on the pool deck and is secured by placing a tote bin full of water on top of the plate. The recording box sits in a waterproof enclosure on top of the bin of water.
SwimClips Illustration

3. Timing System

SwimClips patented technology connects to the electronic timing system, capturing the exact time of every start.

  • The “Start Logger” connects to the timing & starting systems (for Omega systems, the Start Logger connects to one of the scoreboard out ports only via a USB/RS422 cable). 
  • When the Start Logger detects a start, it waits 15 seconds and checks the scoreboard feed to see if the timer is running (meaning it is not a false start), and grabs the event 
SwimClips Illustration

4. Competition Day

SwimClips patented technology uses the video created during the meet to automatically assemble personalized videos for each swimmer.

  • Before each day of competition, the operator synchronizes all of the cameras to the start logger and starts the recording on each camera. The cameras record constantly during the meet – and can be stopped during breaks to save storage space
  • After a day of competition, the operator takes all the storage devices from each camera, the start log and the meet results file from Hy-Tek and uploads it to SwimClips via our meet uploader application (PC, Mac)
  • All video files, the start log, and the meet results file are then automatically uploaded to SwimClips servers. 
SwimClips Illustration

5. Purchasing and Editing

Users can even edit their videos themselves in the browser – adjusting camera angle transition points to their liking

  • Users purchase videos on SwimClips.com – SwimClips takes care of hosting the videos as well as collecting the funds
  • As a registered operator, all sales revenue (after any commissions to the Meet Director and a small service fee to cover costs) will be split evenly with you.
  • All meets that you run will be kept track of, and reports can be generated showing your accumulated earnings
  • Payments will be made on demand or automatically through the SwimClips platform
SwimClips Illustration

Get SwimClips Classic

If you are a timing system operator or meet director who would like to have SwimClips® to supplement your income, click below to register your interest and we’ll contact you soon!