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SwimClips Coach

Gone are the days of dunking a GoPro into the water, shuffling SD cards around, and getting the swimmers out of the pool to watch a single camera recording on a large TV.


Gone also are the days of super expensive equipment, complicated setup – and most importantly, unaffordable solutions! SwimClips Coach – when coupled with SwimClips Meet cameras – can not only become affordable, but can also become a profit center for the club!

Key Features

Unlimited number of cameras

No internet required – can operate anywhere

iPad display with “Tivo Mode” – customized delay per camera, 1 camera view per iPad – can put the iPad on the pool deck to allow swimmers to see themselves with the set delay

Coach iPad control – select swimmer name, cameras to record, start/stop recording

Easy assembly of multi-camera video

Patented editing of camera transition points

Playback by camera with slow motion, frame-by-frame

Coach can record voiceover while watching video – with scrub controls, slow-motion & pause, drawing on screen (“telestrations”)

Send voiced-over videos to swimmers to watch on their own

Advanced integration with other leading swimming technologies, starting with EO SwimBetter

Getting started with SwimClips Coach

With a simple plug and play setup, the coach can see and control all cameras from an iPad.

Editing SwimClips Videos

Assemble your multi-camera video with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Camera transition points can be adjusted easily.


Record voiceover for swimmer, with slow-motion, pausing, and even draw on the screen. Send voiced-over video to swimmer by text, email, or save in shared Google Drive.

Want to be part of the future of Swim Coaching?

We have plans to add additional features to coach accounts in the near future, including buttons to track splits, time to breakout, number of strokes per length, and more.

We’re looking for coaches willing to work with us to help develop SwimClips into a world-class coaching tool to review swims from meets with swimmers.

If that sounds like you, register your interest below. Or if you're ready to get started, check out our store.

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