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SwimClips IP


SwimClips IP is for aquatics facilities that host frequent meets during a year (~10/year), and uses off-the-shelf IP security cameras that can be permanently installed in the facility.

For facilities, revenue from SwimClips videos can completely offset the upfront cost of the cameras and the SwimClips Coach system – allowing them to get world-class video training system without even having to pay for it.

How it works

1. Camera Setup

SwimClips works with aquatics facilities to install IP cameras in specific spots around a pool, as well as ports for removable underwater cameras.
  • Uses off-the-shelf IP security cameras that can be permanently installed in the facility
  • Camera sensors capture the images and sends them to a central computer at the facility – no time synchronization is necessary.
  • These cameras also can be used with the SwimClips Coach video training system so they can be used in practices as well.
SwimClips Illustration

2. Recording

These cameras constantly record for the entire meet, capturing every event and heat.

  • Underwater cameras are also IP cameras, but can be mounted on removable deck mounts and placed in a storage closet when not operating a meet.
SwimClips Illustration

3. During a Meet

SwimClips provides IP recording software that records footage from every SwimClips camera at the meet, capturing multiple angles per swimmer. The computer running this software is connected to the timing and starting system of the meet to accurately capture the exact time of every start.

SwimClips Illustration

4. Competition Day

SwimClips patented technology uses the video files created during the meet, along with the log of every start as well as the meet results file from the meet management system to automatically assemble personalized videos for each swimmer.

  • After a day of competition, the operator runs the SwimClips uploader application (PC, Mac), adds the meet results file from Hy-Tek and uploads everything to the SwimClips cloud service
SwimClips Illustration

5. Purchasing and Editing

Once all the data is in the SwimClips cloud service, patented SwimClips software automatically generates multi-camera videos of each swim, complete with lane overlays and lower-thirds graphics, and presents the videos for sale to swimmers & parents

  • Video sales revenue is split between SwimClips and the Club/Facility

Users can even edit their videos themselves in the browser – adjusting camera angle transition points to their liking

SwimClips Illustration

Get SwimClips IP

If you are with an aquatics facility or a club who would like to have SwimClips® to set your swim meets apart from the rest while generating revenue, and provide your coaches with a world-class video training system, click below to register your interest and we’ll contact you soon!