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For Swimmers & Parents

See your swimming like you would in the Olympics – with professional quality videos uploaded at the end of every day of competition, and available for purchase the very next day.


SwimClips is the easy way to record memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime – no need to plan or reserve ahead of time, unlike traditional still photography services.

Multi-angle Underwater Video

Your swimmer completes their race, with SwimClips cameras recording from multiple angles, so you never miss a moment.


Animated lane overlays, lane highlighting, and professional voiceovers from sporting legends like Rowdy Gaines.


One-click sharing to social media, or download videos to your phone or laptop to share with your friends and family!

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See SwimClips In Action

Watch our founder, Bob Griswold, walk you through how SwimClips revolutionizes the use of video in swimming and shows how you can share your swimmer’s proudest moments with your friends and family!

Purchasing and Sharing a SwimClips Video

Editing a SwimClips Video

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My Meet doesn't have SwimClips!

What if your meet doesn’t have access to SwimClips?

We’d love to help. Reach out to us using the form below and let us know which meet or school your swimmer is at, and we’ll get in touch to work out how we can bring Olympic quality video to your swimmer’s next meet.